Reasons for Infertility

Infertility, or the inability to conceive a child or sustain pregnancy to childbirth, affects many couples who desire children. The experts and other medical professionals find a wide variety of factors or reasons that may be responsible for infertility. It is important to know these reasons so that expectant parents will be vigilant about them. For sure, infertility can occur in both couples and it is very important to classify a number of reasons which leads to both male and female infertility.

A number of factors typically lead to male infertility:
• Disturbances in spermatogenesis (production of sperm cells).
• Obstruction in the seminiferous tubules, ducts, or vessels preventing movement of the sperm cells.
• Qualitative or quantitative changes in the seminal fluid preventing sperm motility (movement of sperm).
• Development of automatically that immobilizes sperm.
• Problems in ejaculation of deposition preventing spermatozoa from being placed close enough to the woman’s cervix to allow ready penetration and fertilization.

The factors that cause infertility in women are analogous to those causing infertility in men:
• Anovulation (faulty or inadequate production of the ova), problems of ova transport through the fallopian tubes to the uterus.
• Difficulty with tubal transport which usually occurs because of the scarring that has developed in the fallopian tubes.
• Uterine problems such as fibromas may be rare cause of infertility but they can block the entrance of the fallopian tubes into the uterus or limit the space available on the uterine wall.
• Cervical problems wherein a thickening of the cervical mucus prevents the sperm cells from penetrating it.
• Vaginal problems such as infection of the vagina may cause the pH of the vaginal secretions to become acidotic, limiting or destroying the motility of spermatozoa.

These are very common reasons why infertility occurs on both couples. In a small population of couples though, no known cause of infertility can be discovered. It is obviously discouraging to cope up with infertility. To get some extra leverage, take a fertility evaluation so you can determine which of the reasons mentioned above is causing your infertility and figure out a good alternative to the problem.

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