Stainless Steel Water Bottles For Pregnancy

When you get pregnant one of the most important things to take care is proper hydration for Mom. Drinking enough fluids, especially water is critical to baby’s` health as she grows during your pregnancy. When I was pregnant the first thing hubby got me was a Camelbak water bottle – you know, one of those fancy ones with a bite valve. However, even though the bottles are labeled as BPA free I did not want to take a risk and decided to look for stainless steel water bottles instead.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles for proper Hydration during pregnancyStainless steel water bottles are as pure as it gets. For one stainless steel water bottles are having a much smaller impact to our environment than plastic water bottles. Second you avoid the risk of consuming dangerous chemicals that get into the water from the plastic of a plastic water bottle. As an example there is BPA, which is a human endocrine disruptor. Many studies have now really shown that BPA is dangerous and that especially is a risk you cannot take during pregnancy. Drinking pure, clean water is essential to good health during pregnancy. Stainless steel bottles are usually of high quality, and they are designed to last a lifetime with proper care (rinse and they are clean).

So, I discovered the Clean & Pure Stainless Steel Water Bottles. I got one of the cool 4-packs that they offer because instead of having to carry one bottle around all the time during pregnancy I strategically placed a bottle where I would need it most (work, home, car, nightstand). The stainless steel bottle for the car was my mobile bottle while all the other ones were filled as needed (arriving at work, before going to bed, etc.). This worked out great for me and made it easy for me to stay properly hydrated during pregnancy.

The only thing I did not like about the Clean & Pure Stainless Steel Water Bottles was the fact that AFTER I bought them they sweetened their offer and now everyone who buys a 4-pack of their water bottles gets a free Clearwater II Filter for home, too. I had bought a similar filter from Britta before and those things aren’t cheap. So, if you are thinking about this offer my tip would be not to wait for too long. I love these stainless steel water bottles. Click here for more information.

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