Start Your Own Online Business – Part 1

In my last posting I talked about how I started making money online – which ultimately allows me to work from anywhere I want, whenever I want. In this posting I will explain the basics if you want to follow down this path as well. Imagine yourself working from home while being able to take care of your kids and not having to worry about money. Having your own online business is an easy and very affordable step towards reaching that goal. But before we can get started and I can show you how to make money online, we need to cover a few things and sort out the essentials. Before you can start writing articles or blog posts or sell an eBook we need to get you online.

The goal for today is to find a domain name and to talk about web hosting and how to install WordPress which we are going to use for the new website. You will be surprised how easy it actually is. It is important that you take action as you read through my emails and postings or you will find yourself a month down the road and you still haven’t started! Take action now, see success tomorrow. If you do have any troubles or feel overwhelmed with this little Training Course, then please contact me.

Ok, let’s get going. First thing you need is a Domain Name for your future website. From experience I can tell you that a good domain is very important for your future success. For those of you are aren’t quite sure what a domain name is, it is one of those .com or .net or .org URL’s you would type into your web browser to visit websites on the Internet. What not to use as a domain name? Stay away from super long domain names. They look ugly and they will not work shaping your future. They look spammy, too and that is something most people will avoid visiting if they read it (the domain name) somewhere. A domain name should be as short as possible and easy to remember. Do not use any dashes between words unless really necessary and if you do use a dash – leave it as one.   Some domain names that you can use are based on specific keywords or search terms. Others might be your own name if you want to establish it as a brand. Many keyword domains are already taken and you have to be creative in finding one that a) fits your idea and b) is still available and c) carries some search volume, too. How do you find out about the search volume? Click this link to visit the Google Keyword tool and do a search. The tool will respond with available, high level search data.

I buy almost all my domains from a company called I have so many domain names that I am getting very decent wholesale price from Dynadot. You can also go to GoDaddy and buy a domain name there. However, their sales process is cumbersome and filled with add-on offers that most people never need. Both companies are very well established and reliable.

Web Hosting for your new Domain Name

One of the most important things about having your own website and an Internet Business is that you need a very reliable web hosting provider. If your website is down all the time because the web host cannot keep the server stable, you are going to see a lot of difficulties heading your way. I mentioned already that I own a lot of domain names and I have several larger web hosting accounts spread out across several locations and web hosting providers for redundancy. If you are really new to this or are not happy with your current web host, I recommend considering HostGator for your web hosting needs. The formula here is pretty simple – it’s cheap and it is reliable. HostGator provides plenty of horse power for what we are trying to achieve here and they are a great option if you need to move up the scale a bit because your traffic is exploding (= good problem to have). I have used HostGator in the past and found them to be an excellent choice. I am currently not hosting websites with HostGator as I have outgrown of what they could offer me. If you decide to go with HostGator, please use this coupon “firsttimepregnancy” (= $9.94 discount) and save yourself some money. If you want to arrange for web hosting somewhere else, please feel free to do so. Using HostGator is not a requirement. If you pick a different web host make sure to use one that offers the web control panel “cPanel” and “Fantastico”. I will explain in a little bit what that is and why you want it.

Connecting your Domain Name with Your Web Hosting Account

To host your domain name on the Internet you have to connect your web hosting account to it. Don’t worry, the process is really simple. Go back to where you bought your domain name and login to your account. Go to the domain management area and then look for something called “Name Servers” or “DNS” or “Domain Name Servers”. Once you get to the name server section enter the name server information you got from HostGator or whichever web host you signed up with. Usually that type of information looks like this:

Once this information is updated, it takes somewhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours to spread across the Internet. From my experience with Dynadot the changes actually take less than 10 minutes to propagate. Enter your domain name into the web browser. Once it resolves to the default (blank) page of your new web hosting account, you are good to go.

Make it a Website

Earlier I mentioned that you should use a CPanel web host for web hosting. CPanel is a web hosting control panel that allows you to configure your own web hosting account without technical knowledge. In addition, Cpanel usually comes with an add-on called “Fantastico”. Fantastico has the option to install software fully automated. We will use a software called WordPress which is a great blogging software for the Internet and it allows us to build new websites in no time. So, please log into your Cpanel account, go into Fantastico and install WordPress. The install wizard is very easy to use.

  • Login to cpanel
  • Scroll down
  • Click on Fantastico Icon
  • Select “Wordpress” from the left menu
  • Fill out required information
  • Confirm Installation

I actually created a small video showing you how easy it is to install WordPress via Fantastico. Please click here to watch the video.

By now you have a domain name, a web hosting account, and you have WordPress installed on your web hosting account. Here is a list of other WordPress training videos that will help you to find your way around. If you are not familiar with WordPress these videos can be a great help to come up to speed really fast. In my next posting I will talk about how to customize WordPress by installing a new Theme and how to make easy for search engines to find your new website and to index the content that you will write correctly.

More updates coming soon.


Legal Disclosure: The Federal Trade Commission requires that I post this disclaimer or disclosure about products I am recommending. Please be aware that WordPress is Open Source and that you can download it for free and manually install it. Fantastico automates that process. I am not having any monetary gain if you use WordPress or Fantastico. I have been a HostGator customer in the past and really liked their service. For that reason I made the suggestion above that you consider them for using their services, too. Please note that I will receive a small commission from HostGator if I refer them new customers. The ability to earn a commission from them has nothing to do with my recommendation. If you prefer using HostGator without me earning a commission, I will not feel offended. Please clear your browser cookies and do not use the coupon code that I provided earlier.

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