Tips on Increasing the Sperm Count

Men have always associated their masculinity with intercourse and with the volume ejaculate semen. Those who have the ability to produce large amounts of sperm were often regarded as very virile men. On the other hand, those who produce a low volume of semen are stressed, hesitant and unsure of themselves, lacking the confidence to perform sexual acts properly.

The scientific research conducted over time showed that there are many reasons that can cause a low sperm production in male sexual organs. One of the most common and least worrisome reasons is that sexual activity and the frequent ejaculation temporary lower the volume of sperm.

The result of research activities conclude that tight clothing worn by men, hindering the sexual glands results in low volume of ejaculated semen. Alcoholism and smoking have been shown to be factors responsible for obtaining weak sexual performance in men. The low volume of sperm can be simply improved by abstaining from these defects. Thus, men have at hand one of the easiest ways to regain sexual virility.

There is also evidence that a low sperm count may decrease male fertility. Therefore, this issue becomes very important if a man is planning to conceive a child. Fortunately, there are several solutions to address this dysfunction and increase the sperm count. Some of them are exercising, the use of ingredients that increase virility and if necessary follow a diet, using creams and ointments specially created, as well as various natural ingredients.

When it comes to the things you eat, the zinc should not miss from your diet, because it contributes to the overall well-being and function of the body and to the production of testosterone and sperm. To get the best results you should include in your diet peas, beans, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter and nuts. They are rich in zinc and fertility can increase tremendously. For the sexually active men it is advisable to consume a larger amount of zinc than those less active.

The vitamin B6 is absolutely necessary, because it causes high levels of libido in both men and women. Foods rich in vitamin B6 are cereals, roasted potatoes, bananas, chicken and spinach. Vitamin C also has a major role in increasing the sexual performance. Studies in this field have shown that testicles contain a quantity of vitamin C for 10 to 50 times than the vitamin C in blood. Vitamin C is found in fruits and vegetables, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and kiwi.

However, in order for a man to attempt to increase the sperm count, the dysfunction must first be observed by a doctor, who will provide necessary treatment recommendations. There are many ways for men and to boost their virility, but it is always recommended to consult with a doctor.



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