The Proper Position to Have a Baby Boy or Baby Girl

For those who are urging to have a baby boy or a baby girl they can try so many methods or techniques that they can find in the internet or buy books. Although there are hundreds of methods out there that everybody can try, many still believe by the power of the position that a couple must do in order to have a baby boy or girl according to what they want. There is no proof that this is true but for those who have tried it and has been successful they don’t have any doubt not to believe it.

selecting baby genderIn the scientific approach the male sperm or the “Y” chromosome are fast swimmers but they can only live for 24 hours while the “X” chromosome or the female sperm move slower but they can live inside the woman’s body within 72 hours. So, if you are aiming to have a baby boy just make sure that the male sperm reaches the egg first. However, if you wish to conceive baby girl then make sure that they will be the first to reach the egg. As some of the experts say no one can really control this to happen but others strongly disagree.

For those who believe that the development of the gender of the baby is in the position on how you and your partner mate they have their own options. If you are trying to have a baby boy the position must be according to how the male sperm move. The best position will be the woman should be lying back while male is doing a maximum penetration. In order to have a better chance of having a baby boy you must have a perfect timing and the intercourse should also be closer to the ovulation.

When you are planning conceive baby girl you must deposit the sperm far from it target, which is the egg. The reason behind this belief is that the female sperm as much slower than the make sperm, so when they are release they can’t swim fast towards the egg. Since the male dies first than the female sperm you must deliver them not within 4 days of ovulation. A slower penetration will be the best way to conceive baby girl and the position will be the doggie style. All this may be true in some way but to make it effective you must have a perfect timing in order to be successful.

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Free Baby Shower Games

Free Baby Shower Games
by: GranMamma

Described below are many baby shower games that will spruce up any baby shower.


Have each person write down each letter of the alphabet. Everyone has to name something that has to do with a baby for each letter. This game should be timed for about two minutes. Whoever has the most items wins a prize.

Baby’s First Portrait

Each guest receives a paper plate and a crayon. Each person must draw a baby. When all guests are finished, vote for the best picture.

Baby Business

Buy ten to fifteen baby objects that aren’t easily identified. This can include a nose syringe, a breast pump, a teething ring, and so on. Distribute paper and pencil and ask players to try and guess what each object does. The player with the most correct answers is the winner.

Baby Food

Take about ten different baby foods and number the bottom of each bottle. Be sure to write down which baby food goes with each number. The objective is to have players guess the contents of baby food jars by sight. I guess you could do a taste contest if you really wanted to (smile) .

Baby’s name

Put the baby’s name on the top of a piece of paper. Make copies for each guest. Give the guests about one or two minutes to make as many words out of the baby’s name as they can.

Celebrity Babies

Baby Shower Games

Each guest is given a list of celebrity moms and babies. Moms will be on the left, while a scrambled list of babies names will be on the right. The object is to match each celebrity mom to the name of her baby/child. Link to example sheet.


Play-dough Babies

You will need about 2 cans of play-dough for every two people. Have each player make little babies. The mother-to-be will then judge each sculpture and the winner gets a prize.

Pin the Baby in the Mommy

Make or find a big picture of a pregnant woman and another picture of a baby. This game is just like Pin the Tale on the Donkey, except you pin the baby in the mommy.

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Baby Shower Food Items

Baby Shower Food Items

Baby shower food items are one of the most important features of the baby shower. When guests arrive at a baby shower they are expecting food that includes desserts, appetizers, and baby shower finger food. You don’t really have to plan an entire meal, it isn’t really expected at this kind of event.

When you are planning a shower you will want to have a wide selection of baby shower party foods on hand. This is going to keep your guests around long enough to enjoy the games and gift opening.

You can be as elaborate as possible or keep things simple and manageable for yourself. If you are planning a meal you’ll want to start with some baby shower appetizers. Then you can move onto the main meal, followed by a selection of desserts. If you want to keep the food a bit more simple you can plan to serve a variety of appetizers, baby shower finger foods and desserts.

If the baby shower food menu is going to be a selection of foods that are eaten by your guests throughout the party, you may want to prepare a side table to reflect the baby shower theme. Decorate the table so that the baby shower desserts are featured in the center surrounded by the other food choices spread out to the side.

You may want to prepare only baby shower finger food so that there is no need for the guests to juggle cutlery and plates while visiting with each other.

Baby shower food items are often prepared as part of the theme. If the baby is a girl you can prepare desserts that reflect this by using pink as a primary decorating color. This means decorating cakes and cookies with a pink icing, then adding decorative touches that continue in a pink theme.

If the baby is a boy you can concentrate on blue and green colors when preparing the babyshower food. There are available recipes for cakes, cookies, appetizers, and much more. You could check out your local library, book store and online to check out recipes and recipe books on babyshower food ideas.

The baby shower appetizers can be made in replacement of a full meal that you might otherwise serve. Baby shower appetizers can be as complicated as baked spring rolls or as simple as rolled sandwiches cut into bite size pieces.

Try to serve as much of a selection as possible, so that there is something for all of the guests. If there are any guests that have food restrictions, try to have some of the food take these restrictions into account.

Preparing baby shower finger food needs to be as mess-free as possible. If the guests are wandering around and visiting they won’t want to be juggling plates, cutlery, and drink glasses. This is where finger food comes in handy as the perfect baby shower party food. Prepare finger food that is easy for guests to pop into their mouths without getting their fingers too dirty. Finger food can include vegetables and dips, mini sandwiches, sausage rolls, and crackers and cheese.

The desserts that are served can be as sinful as possible or they can be on the healthy side. You’ll want to serve a variety of desserts that center around the party theme.

There should, of course, be a baby cake that is the centerpiece of the dessert table. Other smaller desserts can be displayed around the baby cake in a continuing theme. Some desserts that you may want to consider include iced cookies, squares, petit fours, and bowls of seasonal fruit.

No matter what type of food that you decide to serve. Try to make sure that there is something for everyone and that there will be enough food to last for the duration of the party. You don’t want to run out of food before the gifts have been opened and the games have been played.

You might want to look up babyshower recipes to help with the baby shower food ideas. There are recipes for cakes, cookies, appetizers, and much more.