Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy

People view pregnancy as a time for so much worry. But pregnancy should not be viewed so negatively because a pregnant woman can be whoever she wants to be. There are several things that a woman can do to have a healthy pregnancy. One of these essential things is eating well.

Risks Concerned in Teen Pregnancy: Iron-Deficiency Anemia and Preterm Work

Teen pregnancy has long been a topic of debate and concern by many folks. These concerns may sound paranoid but there are basically reasonable points which support these concerns. There are a number of hazards concerned during teen pregnancy. Iron-Deficiency Anemia Many teen girls are iron deficient because their low protein intake can’t balance the […]

Birthing center vs. Hospital

Today women have choices that weren’t available even 10 years ago. Just 100 years ago most (95%) of all births happened at home. That trend slowly moved toward birthing in hospitals. However in the 1970’s women found that the conditions, although safe, were sterile and uninviting.