Stainless Steel Water Bottles For Pregnancy

When you get pregnant one of the most important things to take care is proper hydration for Mom. Drinking enough fluids, especially water is critical to baby’s` health as she grows during your pregnancy. When I was pregnant the first thing hubby got me was a Camelbak water bottle – you know, one of those […]

Remedies for Avoiding Pregnancy Constipation

Constipation is a common symptom of pregnancy and it may even be one of the first signals that will let you know you’ll have a baby, since it normally appears in the first weeks after conception. The hormones of pregnancy are in part responsible for constipation. At first, it can be bearable, but as the […]

Pregnancy and Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Are you afraid of stretch marks during or after pregnancy? As you probably know or have seen first hand – your skin does not bounce back if it’s been stretched by rapid growth due to having a baby (pregnancy), sudden weight gain, or extreme weight loss when being obese. Read more …

Stretch Mark Prevention Tips

Stretch marks are a common problem among women – especially during pregnancy. But stretch marks can be either avoided or removed once they are there. What are ways to prevent stretch marks from happening in the first place? Read more …