Make A Baby With Two Pictures

“Parents to be” often would like to know how a possible baby of theirs would look like. Predicting the future is kind of difficult, but modern technology offers some amazing benefits. One of these benefits is to use picture technology that was developed by the FBI and related companies for criminal research and use it for a much more friendly purpose. The software that was initially developed to make people look different over time so that the FBI and police would be able to identify criminals more easily. [Read more…]

Child Car Safety

Do you feel that your child is really 100% while riding in the car with you?

Children in booster car seats are often at risk of injury and death due to the so-called “seatbelt slack” (seatbelt looseness). What is really happening here? The three-point seatbelt commonly used in modern motor vehicles, really just represents a fair compromise between safety and comfort. A three-point seatbelt allows slack to develop in the lap belt portion while children (or even adults!) are riding in a vehicle – especially for an extended amount of time.

A loose seatbelt allows a child in a booster seat to bounce around, rock, tip, slide, and even fall over during normal vehicle maneuvering. The result? This can result in life threatening injuries, such as a child’s head being thrown against the side of the vehicle, as well as leading to child discomfort, including motion sickness. In frontal impact accidents or during panic stops, a loose seatbelt can further lead to a child “submarining” (sliding out)  under the lap belt (lower part of the seat belt).

First Time Pregnancy is proud to recommend the SeatSnug product. What is the SeatSnug you may ask? The brand new SeatSnug® allows the lap belt to be lightly tightened around a child’s hips while riding in a vehicle, preventing seatbelt slack or looseness from developing. By gently securing a child while riding in a booster seat, SeatSnug® substantially eliminates bouncing, rocking, tipping, falling over, submarining, and ejection.  The result? The SeatSnug dramatically  reduces the potential for child injuries or death in case of an accident.

Check out the Seatsnug website here. There are tons of educational videos on their website which I recommend to watch. If you have children that sit in booster seat of any kind, you want to take a look and order immediately so that your children are safe while driving. No matter how safe you drive, your car might get hit by someone else and that’s when it is important to be prepared.

Father’s Day is around the Corner

Celebrate Dad with an Gift Card – choose from three Father’s Day designs to e-mail for immediate delivery, or print out from any printer and slip into a card or package. Amazon Gift Certificates are a great way to show Dad how much you love and appreciate him.

The third Sunday in June is Dad’s time – it’s Father’s Day. And, contrary to what you might think, this great holiday was not an invention of the greeting card companies – commercial greeting cards as we know them didn’t even exist when Sonora Smart Dodd thought up Father’s Day in 1909.

My Dad lives several thousand miles away and it is difficult to find the right matching present for him. At his age, he has everything he needs and certainly has enough funds to buy what he wants in most cases (within his budget of course). I talked to him many years back and we figured out that an Amazon Gift Certificate often works best. He buys lots of books and instead of me ordering something he already has, he can order what he likes and it is still a very special present.

So, if you do not know what to buy for Dad, consider an Amazon Gift Certificate as your next Father’s Day present or order something small from Amazon and then email a Gift Certificate on top of it. Dad will love it.

How To Find The Best Deals And Best Maternity Clothes Online

How To Find The Best Deals And Best Maternity Clothes Online

Being pregnant is the best of times and the worst of times. Maternity is so demanding that everything from preparing the baby’s room to finding the right maternity clothes is absolutely important. In fact, your belly and dressing it when it gets bigger, is one of the recurring things you’ll be thinking about for 9 months.

So why not start shopping maternity clothes early? You really should begin browsing for maternity clothes the moment you confirm that you are pregnant. It is never too soon. Don’t buy just yet, simple browse what’s available so that you’ll be informed and ready when the time comes. Many women put off buying maternity gear because they hope they won’t put on too much weight and won’t need the addition to their wardrobes. But you’ll be much more comfortable if you do invest in a good selection of maternity clothing.

Simply start with a web search using keyword phrases such as “women’s clothing maternity” or “Maternity clothing store”. If you are especially interested in budget options search for something like “discount maternity clothing” or “clearance maternity clothing”. Whether you need petite maternity clothing or plus size maternity clothing, a quick web search will bring up lots of useful links to maternity clothing stores. Be informed of all online maternity stores, sign up to receive newsletters and information about offers and the like, or even, a copy of the store’s maternity clothing catalogue. Bookmark links to maternity stores in your browser’s Favorites folder so that when you start to bulge you’ll have all the information you need to place your order online.

Be careful not to buy too soon, otherwise you may find that as you continue to grow the maternity clothes you bought earlier on in the pregnancy won’t fit you by the time the end comes. If you are browsing for clothes early on in your pregnancy, also take note of the season. Are you due to give birth in summer or winter or in between? If your last couple of months will be summer months, then fabric and style are important things to consider. In hot summer months you’ll really need to wear cool, light and comfortable fabrics.

Thanks to pregnant movie stars, maternity couture now offers designer maternity clothing labels, which add the option of being completely fashionable while your body undergoes the radical experience of preparing to be a mum.

Even though the household budget and your comfort needs will play a major role in the clothes you’ll end up wearing, don’t forget that wearing flattering clothes will make you feel better when your body starts to change. If you’ll be working until the last minute, you’ll need to keep up appearances with a new set of career maternity clothes and present a professional self despite the growing bulge in your middle. Pregnancy comes with massive physical and emotional changes, so the better you look and the better quality your maternity clothes are, the more positive you’ll remain as you go about your non-maternity-related duties.

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Jogging Strollers—How to Get Back in Shape!

Jogging Strollers—How to Get Back in Shape!

Add a little extra push and a jogging stroller to your exercise regime and you’ll be back in top condition in no time! As well as single seat, many companies also offer double and triple seat models that are great for twins or toddlers. Jogging strollers come in a wide range of prices depending on the brand and the number and types of features of a particular model.

Aside from price, probably the most important feature to consider when comparing jogging strollers is the front wheel size. Although you can run behind any stroller, the small tires of traditional 4-wheel models make even a fast walk into a bumpy ride for baby. Unlike the traditional stroller, the 3-wheel jogging strollers are built to travel over grass, dirt, gravel and other rough terrain. Front wheel sizes range from 20+ inches to a standard 12-inch wheel. Large pneumatic (air-filled) wheels and suspension systems provide a smooth ride whatever the terrain. For joggers who prefer off-road running, many models are available with shock absorbers to add real cushioning to the bumps and dips in your route.

One factor to bear in mind is that typically, the larger wheel types have a wider turning ratio and are less maneuverable than smaller wheeled models. Although larger wheels aren’t great for shopping the aisles in mall stores, they usually mean a smoother ride for baby over rough terrain.

• The larger 20-inch wheels are best for off road exercise and running. In addition to a more comfortable ride for baby, your exercise will feel smoother as you pass over curbs and bumps more easily.

• 16-inch wheel models are probably the most popular picks for joggers and power walkers who stick to the trails. Especially important if you’re budget conscious, the smaller front wheel on these mid-sized jogging strollers make them more maneuverable for shopping but still provide baby with a smooth ride at exercise time.

• Even for a stroll through the park, you’ll find that the slender jogger design of 12-inch wheel jogging strollers is superior. For shopping, you’ll be down one aisle and down the next in a flash! Jogging strollers are also generally built with extra safety precautions for baby. For instance, many have features like a five point harness to keep your little one snug in place, front fenders to deflect dirt away from you and your little one, and adjustable canopies to keep the bright morning sun out of baby’s eyes. Hand brakes, foot brakes, and parking brakes are also standard safety items on many jogging strollers.

Other features of jogging strollers include reclining seats that let baby sleep as fast on a morning run as he or she does during the car ride to your favorite running trail! In addition, some models have cup holders that hold water bottles for both you and baby, parent organizer trays, and pouches or pockets for storage of small items like keys, wallets, or baby toys.


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