Mistakes on Life Insurance by New Parents

A new baby is on the way and new priorities are taking over. Getting the baby nursery setup and decorated, buying a car seat and a stroller are just a few things. However, many parents are putting their unborn or newborn baby’s future at risk by forgetting one of the most essential items: Life Insurance [Read more...]

Blood Testing During Pregnancy

A number of laboratory studies will be conducted is devising measures during the first prenatal visit. During the first prenatal visits, medical professionals will need to confirm general health and rule out sexually transmitted diseases that could damage the growing fetus. One of these tests would be a blood test. [Read more...]

Questions To Ask A Pediatrician (for new to be parents)

Are you expecting a baby? Having a baby is already scary and stressful enough. There are so many new things that need to be taken care of and you are swamped with a lot of important decisions that need to be made. One of the most important decisions you need to make, is to select the best pediatrician for your newborn baby.

While this task may sound easy, it is not. Take the necessary time to research a several pediatricians in your town or city. It is important that you make sure that you feel comfortable with your choice once the baby is born. Especially during the first 4-8 weeks you do not want to find out by trial and error that the pediatrician you picked from the phonebook is someone you do not like on a personal level. [Read more...]

What is rice cereal?

What is rice cereal?

Rice cereal is often baby’s first real food besides breast milk. Rice cereal comes as flakes and can be mixed with breast milk or formula. Be sure to read the packaging of rice cereal before giving it your baby the very first time. Some brands of rice cereal already have formula added to it. Babies with cow milk allergy might experience allergy reactions in some cases if rice cereal that has formula added is used. Rice cereal can be used to reduce the impact of acid reflux onto baby’s well being.

When using rice cereal make sure the prepared meal is still watery and not like thick texture you would probably eat. Rice cereal should be offered after the actual meal as some sort of snack. If you feed baby with rice cereal when he is hungry you will have difficulties later on when you get to real solid food. Baby will be used to suck down calory loaded milk in minutes if you offer rice cereal as the meal. Now try to shovel that much solid food into baby’s mouth at the same speed. Impossible!!!!