Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy

People view pregnancy as a time for so much worry. But pregnancy should not be viewed so negatively because a pregnant woman can be whoever she wants to be. There are several things that a woman can do to have a healthy pregnancy. One of these essential things is eating well. [Read more…]

Risks Concerned in Teen Pregnancy: Iron-Deficiency Anemia and Preterm Work

Teen pregnancy has long been a topic of debate and concern by many folks. These concerns may sound paranoid but there are basically reasonable points which support these concerns. There are a number of hazards concerned during teen pregnancy. Iron-Deficiency Anemia Many teen girls are iron deficient because their low protein intake can’t balance the quantity of iron lost with menstrual flows. [Read more…]

First Month of Pregnancy Symptoms

You have answered your first question and it turns out that you are really pregnant. And because you’re pregnant, you should know what to expect during pregnancy. The early stages of pregnancy are probably the most mysterious for a pregnant woman and it would be a lot of help to know a thing or two about the first month of pregnancy. [Read more…]

How important is Sleep during Pregnancy?

Sleep is very important during pregnancy because the optimal condition for the body to grow occurs when growth hormone secretion is at its highest level- that is, during sleep. Add that to the overall increased metabolic needs of a pregnant woman, it is necessary for pregnant women to increase their amounts of sleep to rest, repair and build her body during pregnancy. [Read more…]

How to use a Basal Thermometer for Natural Family Planning

As a couple, you know how important family planning is. For the past few decades family planning has become easier. Technology and additional research has provided us with efficient tools to make it more effective and easier. One of these tools is the Basal Thermometer. The basal thermometer is especially useful for natural family planning. [Read more…]

Is it Safe to Get or Have a Belly Button Ring When I’m Pregnant?

As a pregnant mother, it is your responsibility to protect and promote your health and wellbeing, as well as that of the babies’. The mother’s health determines the baby’s health and parental care is therefore important. And so as a parent, you need to think twice before indulging into ideas such as getting a belly button ring while you are pregnant. [Read more…]

Top 12 Pregnancy Movies

Being pregnant or tryng to get pregnant does not mean to miss out on some good movies. In addition, it can actually be a lot of fun to watch these type of movies just because you are expecting a baby soon. I know that we watched quite a few pregnancy movies while trying to conceive and during pregnancy of my wife. Not necessarily all movies listed are about pregnancy or about trying to get pregnant, but these are movies that are more or less related to pregnancy and having babies in one way or the other. [Read more…]