The Best Sex Positions to Become Pregnant

Let’s get pregnant. But before you can report success you need to make love. You need to have sex with your partner and to a certain degree it does matter what position you use during sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant. So, does the sexual position really matter when it comes to conception? […]

The Proper Position to Have a Baby Boy or Baby Girl

For those who are urging to have a baby boy or a baby girl they can try so many methods or techniques that they can find in the internet or buy books. Although there are hundreds of methods out there that everybody can try, many still believe by the power of the position that a […]

How to Get Pregnant – Baby Making Sex

Here we get to the nitty-gritty: How do you really make a baby? You have sex, of course. Yes, you need to try and predict your ovulation through charting your cycle, but if you and your partner don’t get busy, then your goal cannot be realized.