The Proper Position to Have a Baby Boy or Baby Girl

For those who are urging to have a baby boy or a baby girl they can try so many methods or techniques that they can find in the internet or buy books. Although there are hundreds of methods out there that everybody can try, many still believe by the power of the position that a couple must do in order to have a baby boy or girl according to what they want. There is no proof that this is true but for those who have tried it and has been successful they don’t have any doubt not to believe it.

selecting baby genderIn the scientific approach the male sperm or the “Y” chromosome are fast swimmers but they can only live for 24 hours while the “X” chromosome or the female sperm move slower but they can live inside the woman’s body within 72 hours. So, if you are aiming to have a baby boy just make sure that the male sperm reaches the egg first. However, if you wish to conceive baby girl then make sure that they will be the first to reach the egg. As some of the experts say no one can really control this to happen but others strongly disagree.

For those who believe that the development of the gender of the baby is in the position on how you and your partner mate they have their own options. If you are trying to have a baby boy the position must be according to how the male sperm move. The best position will be the woman should be lying back while male is doing a maximum penetration. In order to have a better chance of having a baby boy you must have a perfect timing and the intercourse should also be closer to the ovulation.

When you are planning conceive baby girl you must deposit the sperm far from it target, which is the egg. The reason behind this belief is that the female sperm as much slower than the make sperm, so when they are release they can’t swim fast towards the egg. Since the male dies first than the female sperm you must deliver them not within 4 days of ovulation. A slower penetration will be the best way to conceive baby girl and the position will be the doggie style. All this may be true in some way but to make it effective you must have a perfect timing in order to be successful.

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Nursing Cover

As you already know, breastfeeding is the best method of feeding your newborn baby. Pediatricians recommend to continue breast feeding as long as possible. Most Moms are able to do nursing up until they have to go back to work. The time frame for that is usually somewhere between 3 and 6 months. Some Moms extend this time by using a breast pump. For this article we want to concentrate on breast feeding or nursing in public though.

However, breast feeding your baby is not always that easy – especially when away from home. Many nursing moms are feeling very uncomfortable when feeding their baby in public. Even though law in most states protects their rights to do so, it still takes a lot of courage to breast feed your baby in a busy public location. But it is as it is and often you do not have a choice – it’s either breast feeding in public or no breast feeding at all.

Nursing CoverAn “old” but very effective way to do nursing in public is the use of a nursing cover. You might think of an ugly blanket or towel at this point, but you will be surprised that there are baby nursing covers available that a) are easy to carry around and b) look actually pretty cool and nice. However, you will usually not find these at your local Babies R Us store nor are they available at many pregnancy stores at all.

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A breastfeeding cover offers you numerous advantages – giving you the freedom to feed your baby in public no matter how busy your location is with people.

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